About Us

KitchenVisuals is our name for a large (and growing) line of clear, crisp, well-designed labels and signs that help restaurant managers achieve consistent quality, food safety, and efficiency. The right signs and labels make it easier for restaurant employees to follow standard recipes, checklists, and food safety standards.

Most of our KitchenVisuals products are brand-specific, communicating important branded messages and information. They are developed using information provided by chain management, but with specific designs and layouts based on suggestions from restaurant managers. Local restaurants managers are often the first to identify problems and develop innovative solutions. Our experience is that restaurant managers love to share best practices. When one of them finds or develops a solution that works, it is eagerly adopted by peers. At the same time, we understand the importance of coordinating the development of solutions with brand resources including Culinary, Operations, Training and Purchasing. KitchenVisuals are a perfect tool to roll out changes in operational procedures, as well as information about new menu items, tools, and inventory items.

We bring value to a brand through the creative solutions of managers that harmonize with and emphasize the strategies of the brand. We bring the greatest value to brands that

    • frequently change their menus
    • frequently train new employees
    • prepare and cook food from scratch, often using complex recipes
    • allow managers the freedom to innovate within the guidelines of brand strategies

We offer brand leadership standardization and control because we design and produce in-house. We facilitate open lines of communication between operators and support staff. We embrace a marketplace approach to new products. We make new products available via a website and let operators test them in small numbers. Restaurant managers give us quick feedback if an idea doesn’t work or is not needed. We do product development and manage inventory at no cost to the brand. For standard label sets that change on a regular basis, we provide update kits that protect the investment. Our products are durable and long lasting. All decals are fully laminated – no inks are exposed to food, a safety advantage. They are cost effective, and simple - yet powerful

We are members of a number of national restaurant and food safety industry associations, such as the NRA, The International Association for Food Protection, and the Conference for Food Protection as well as the Better Business Bureau.

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